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Pella Windows DenverPella Windows Denver

This Pella Windows Denver window replacement project was located in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver, which is known for its historic homes built over 100 years ago. The project called for Pella Precision Fit Architect Series Windows.  By choosing an appropriate replacement window, the owner was able to maintain the inherent historic charm of this beautiful Denver home.

To successfully install these replacement Pella windows, we were required to use EPA approved Lead Safe Practice. This included safe removal of the lead paint in the window area before replacement. The area was contained by masking with proper masking material, and our crew was outfitted in the proper Lead Safe Practice gear.

We are now Certified in Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair, and Painting

Common renovation activities like sanding, cutting, and demolition can create hazardous lead dust and chips by disturbing lead-based paint, which can be harmful to adults and children.

To protect against this risk, on April 22, 2008, EPA issued a rule requiring the use of lead-safe practices and other actions aimed at preventing lead poisoning. Under the rule, beginning in April 2010, contractors performing renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities, and schools built before 1978 must be certified and must follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination.

EPA’s lead renovation, repair and painting (RRP) program rule requires contractors to be certified in lead-safe work practices and training providers to be accredited by EPA. Mile High WSL is pleased to announce that we have completed the coursework and we have the required certification to safely and legally remove the lead necessary to replace windows in your home. The new EPA rules take effect in April 2010, don’t be caught off-guard by a contractor who isn’t prepared. Your city will likely require a separate permit for the removal of the lead, and contractors must be certified to perform this work.

We offer FREE lead tests with a signed contract to anyone living in a house built before 1978. If you have lead in your home, we are a certified lead-removal contractor in the Denver, Colorado Metro Area.


Window with the Ameriglass™ AG3 Glass System Clean Themselves!

The Ameriglass™ AG3 glass sytem from Amerimax once again redefines the standard for energy savings, year-round comfort and ease of maintenance. The heart of every window is the Insulated Glass System. Utilizing AG3, the ultimate performance glass, insulating Argon gas fill, a dual seal structural foam spacer, and innovative NEAT coating that lets nature clean your windows – The Perfect Glass System No Matter Where You Live.

1 – Ameriglass™ AG3 Low Emmisivity glass is coated with a microscopic 12 layer patented formula with three layers of Silver. The ultimate balance of energy savings, solar control and high visibility.

2 – Naturally Clean Glass – Let Nature do the Work! A Titanium Dioxide layer reacts with sun to decompose organic materials on the glass. A Silicon Dioxide layer creates an ultra smooth surface and Hydrophillic action to disperse water evenly or “sheet off”.

3 – Argon Gas Fill – Non-toxic, odorless and invisible Argon gas fill enhances the overall energy efficiency and can increase Total Window U Value performance by as much as 12% vs. traditional air fill.

4 – True Warm Spacer System – Thermally non-conductive structural foam spacer creates the ultimate in energy saving performance and long-term durability.

Please visit our windows services page for more information on Denver replacement windows with these energy saving options.

High Definition Window Screens by Amerimax

Our Amerimax window products are now available with revolutionary new window screens. New UltraView HD Screens from Amerimax are like adding High Definition to your windows. Made from a revolutionary new ultra fine fiber that is much less visible to the eye, UltraView HD Screens virtually disappear when looking out through your windows. The smaller fiber size also allows for a tighter weave making a smaller opening for better insect protection while increasing airflow and bringing more natural brightness into your home. There are many benefits to the new high definition windows screens for your replacement windows in Denver, CO, please visit our windows services page for more information.

Traditional Window Screen vs. Amerimax UltraView HD Screens

Traditional Window Screen vs. Amerimax UltraView HD Screen


Traditional Window Screen vs. Amerimax UltraView HD Screen

Traditional Window Screen vs. Amerimax UltraView HD Screen

Changing a window into french doors in Denver, Colorado

This historic home in the Baker Neighborhood of Denver, Colorado underwent a major renovation in 2007. The homeowners hired Mile High Window, Solar and Landscape Inc. for several parts of this project, including replacing some doors and windows, building a new front porch/deck, building a privacy fence in the rear of the property, building an historically accurate boundary fence in the front yard, installing an irrigation system and landscaping and much more. This blog entry will highlight one particular project, which was to replace a second story window with Pella French doors, which lead out to the new deck off the master bedroom (which we built with composite GeoDeck). First the window was removed and an expert mason was hired to remove bricks and reconfigure the opening for the new doors. Then, we framed around the opening in preparation for the new door installation. Finally we installed the doors and final exterior trim.

Learn more about replacement windows in Denver and the Colorado Front Range by visiting our services page.

The original window before replacement

The original window before replacement


After removing the window and framing the new opening

After removing the window and framing the new opening


After installing and trimming the new Pella French Doors

After installing and trimming the new Pella French Doors