Energy Efficiency Lighting

Mile High is proud to offer Boulder Lamp Inc.’s full portfolio of products.  BLI manufactures a wide variety of energy efficiency lighting products, but has recently made a big impact in the reduction of energy consumption for the agricultural lighting industry.

Their offering, the SunBrightCDL  puts out a spectrum which most closely resemble that of natural sunlight.

It uses the 315W Philips Agro lamp with a low-frequency electronic ballast, fixtures, and optics providing the most efficient, low heat-generating grow light.

Boulder Lamps Ceramic Discharge Lamp has proven to be the ideal light source for supplemental greenhouse, and indoor agriculture.

*CDL 315W Agro is two times more efficient than HPS growlights

*Same lamp for vegetative and flowering phases

*Multiple ballasts can be Daisy Chained in line to utilize one electric receptical

*20,000 hours lamp life

*Qualified to receive utility rebates

*Patented energy efficiency lighting Technology

*Design and assembled in the U.S.

SunBrightCDL grow light and Philips agro lamps generate broad and intense spectrum across the board.

The spectrum of CDL resembles sunlight, providing 65% of its light energy around blue and red spectrum, ideal for plant’s natural absorption curve.

From two (2) feet above plants, the PAR value of 315W CDL agro exceeds 686 μmol/m2/second.

This and other revolutionary new products from BLI produce higher yields, with less energy consumption, proving to greatly improve the gardens of  hobbyists and professional alike.

Boulder Lamps new CDL+LED designs offer a new kind of grow light –

CDL Agro spectrum is augmented by color-specific LEDs (patent pending) for increasing rate of photosynthesis and taste or potency of crops.

Color augmentation may also be used to eliminate mold and pests.

At Mile High WS&L Inc we strive to offer our clients the very best in quality and innovation. The partnership with Boulder Lamp Inc. is another great step in that effort.

Through these efforts and working toward a more sustainable use of our resources, we can collectively make a brighter future.

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